I-Color contains Triplex-C, a replenishing       
                                                     treatment system, designed to create a  
                                                     protective shield around each hair stand for
                                                     longer lasting, durable color results.  
                                                     I-Color also uses a calibrated ammonia system,  
                                                    using as little ammonia as possible to ensure 
                                                     predictable color results every time, while  
                                                     preserving the integrity of the hair. 
                                                    I-Color delivers 100% grey coverage and
                                                     incredible shine! Whether it is Demi Permanent   
                                                     or Permanent color you crave...
                                                      I-Color will deliver!   

                            You must have a sense of humor  
                                                             to use these products!                         
                                                             Rock out the volume with Superstar
                                                             Queen For A Day, volumizing spray!! 
                                                             Got a boyfriend with tousled hair? 
                                                             Manipulate it with Manipulator,         
                                                             a pliable Texturizer!         
                                                             Smooth your locks with Afterparty
                                                             to ensure silky smooth hair all night long

                                                             Get your shine on with Headrush Shine Spray!

                          A Company based out of Indianapolis is the 
                                                       Manufacture of 2 of our most popular Hairsprays!  
                                                       Try #9 Light Hold Hairspray!  The #25 Volume 
                                                       Hairspray holds the title of favorite Hairspray, 
                                                       voted by stylists for several years running! 
                                                       Lock in your style with Hot Spray thermal !


                                                 Put your best face forward with
                                            Bioelements, our skincare line for every skin type!
                                            Biotypes is a system that targets everyones        
                                            personal needs with organic botanicals,
                                            cosmecuiticals, and aroma therapy oils.
                                            Bioelements never uses artificial colorants, or 
                                            synthetic fragrances and they never test on
                                            Maintain the care of your skin at home with one 
                                            of  4 great cleansers , Micrograins  Scrub, and
                                            deep moisture or corrective masques! 
                                            Professional Skin Care -Personalized for you!

                           American Crew continues to lead the  
                                                        salon industry as the premier manufacturer for
                                                       men's grooming products in salons worldwide.
                                                       Offering simple, yet dependable cleansing
                                                       and styling products.
                                                        Medium Hold Spray Gel is a perfect fix for
                                                       a guy on the run. Fiber is a styling putty with a 
                                                       matte finish, whereas Pomade is a styling wax
                                                      with a glossy finish. All the products are 
                                                       infused with that classic "American Crew" 
                                                       scent that has won over the ladies 
                                                       for a long time! 

                        OUR  PRODUCT REWARDS PROGRAM

     It's simple... get rewarded for purchasing the products you love!

             Collect 1 stamp for each product that you purchase! 
   Once the card is full, choose 1 of 3 products to take home FREE!! 
                     Then enter your full card into a drawing for
                    a chance to WIN MORE GREAT PRODUCTS!!!

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